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Make Budgeting Easier with Energy Price Protection

Just Energy has been providing commodity supply and green energy solutions to North American homes and businesses since 1997. We are part of a group of companies that serves 1.8 million customers and operates in 14 states and 6 provinces.

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Energy Products For Your Business

Remember when projecting your company's annual energy costs was easy? At Just Energy, our goal is to help make that process easy once again. Our innovative long-term price protection program is designed to help you gain control over your costs and manage your downside risk for periods of up to five years.

The Just Energy™ Price Protection Advantage

By signing a price protection agreement with Just Energy, you are guaranteeing that the commodity supply portion of your energy expense will not change for the term of your agreement. How does this work? Simply put, we fully hedge everything we sell; we do not speculate nor do we take positions in the market. Our business is providing a reliable supply of energy, for specific periods of time, at a guaranteed price.

With our corporate buying power and our energy market expertise, we're able to purchase large blocks of electricity and natural gas contracts at the most favorable points on the forward price curve. This means that when you sign a contract with Just Energy, you can rest assured that your commodity supply is already in place and that the price is, therefore, guaranteed.

Five Reasons Why an Just Energy Price Protection Program is Good for Your Business

  1. Competitive Pricing – Because our supply management group is constantly monitoring market conditions, including exchange rates, forward prices and other indicators, we're able to take advantage of opportunities arising from market volatility. This, combined with our corporate buying power and commitment to supporting the commercial market, means that we are always able to provide you with competitive pricing options.
  2. Potential for Savings – In addition to enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing what your energy commodity rate cost will be from month to month and year to year, if market prices rise above your contracted price, you'll benefit from knowing you're paying less than you would have at a variable or market rate.
  3. Blend & Extend – Of course, if our prices fall below your current contracted rate, our “Blend & Extend” option offers you the opportunity to “blend” your current contract rate with our new, lower rate and extend it out for a longer term. This allows you to take advantage of temporary reductions in the market price.
  4. Flexible Terms – While most of our competitors limit their offering to just 2- or 3-year terms, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach simply isn't realistic for today's budget-conscious business community. Just Energy offers customized products and terms to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for short-term price protection or would like to extend that certainty and stability over the longer term, we have a program that can work for you.
  5. Seamless Service – When you choose the Just Energy, you can expect seamless service. Your local utility will continue to be responsible for the delivery and maintenance of your service. You'll also receive the same bill – just with Just Energy listed as your supplier.

JustGreen™ – Go Ahead. Go Green.

More and more, we're realizing that we live in a global community. We now have a deeper understanding of how local actions can have global implications. And as energy consumers, we can now see how our everyday energy use contributes to the release of harmful greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide.

As business leaders, we recognize that we have an opportunity to play a leadership role in the sustainability movement. We also recognize that as our clients and employees begin making changes in their personal lives to support sustainability, they are increasingly looking to us for guidance and support.

That's why at Just Energy, we are proud to be the largest competitive green energy retailer in North America. We offer JustGreen as a complement to your price protection program. You choose your participation level – between 20% and 100%. With JustGreen natural gas†, we purchase an equivalent amount of carbon credits from companies whose greenhouse gas reductions exceed governmental standards. This purchase offsets the carbon dioxide emitted when you use natural gas. When you purchase JustGreen power*, we inject into the electricity grid energy from clean, renewable sources such as wind and hydro power.

JustGreen is a cost-effective way to make a difference, and to demonstrate to your employees and stakeholders your commitment to clean energy.

Together, we're making a cleaner, greener world.

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